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About Patrician SEEDS
‘Patrician Students to Educate and Empower the Disadvantaged in Society’

On 1st August 2019, the ‘Patrician Students to Educate and Empower the Disadvantaged in Society’ (SEEDS) emerged as an outreach programme with the Patrician pedagogy of reaching out to the unreached. The Programme is dedicated to anchoring outreach projects with a view to cultivate Service culture in the young minds of Patrician Students to create a better society. The Programme is anchored by a core committee consisting of staff drawn from various academic departments and supported by student representatives. The core outreach committee is responsible to formulate policy, planning and monitoring of the program.


To develop a responsible student community geared towards building a better society by producing changes in the grassroot level.


To enable students to create a new and just society through dedicated and committed team work by connecting the Poor and Disadvantaged people into the mainstream of life.

  • Outreach programme will be considered as mandatory requirement and integrated into curricular activities.
  • All first year Undergraduate students will enrol for outreach programme.
  • Each student will engage in service for 40 hours per academic year.
  • Each Department’s outreach programme will be monitored by a committee with HOD as Convener, one faculty as coordinator and five student representatives.
  • Each department will work with One NGO / service area / target group.
  • Service area should be within 5 km radius to the college.
  • Need based Projects will be identified for implementation in the service area.
  • Outreach day will be organized at the end of the academic year.
  • Each department will submit a detailed report on their Outreach Programme.
  • During the Outreach Day, presentation will be done by each department and beneficiaries may be invited for the programme.
  • Best outreach department team will be identified and awarded.

At present, the SEEDS programme has 1232 first year students from 18 departments involved in 51 projects in 17 geographical areas within 5 kilometer radius of the college

Report :

Coordinator : Dr. A. Raja, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Management,
Mobile No.: +91-9380077257
Email :

  • To connect people through communal harmony.
  • To Establish Friendships through cultural events.
  • To educate dropouts through literacy mission.
  • To make people aware about eco system through tree plantation.
  • To cultivate organic products through village farming.
  • To inculcate values through family system.
  • To instruct health awareness through health camps.
  • To organize human rights and legal rights awareness programme to instruct fundamental rights and duties
Plan of Action
  • All the first year Under Graduate students should enrol their names for out reach programme. This is mandatory to all the first year students.
  • Each Department should identify a faculty in charge for this programme.
  • In every department HOD will be the Convener, one faculty in charge and five student representatives.
  • Each department may identify One NGO and One service area. Service area should be closer to our college.
  • Identify the projects to be implemented in the service area as per the requirements.
  • Students should do service for 40 hours per academic year.
  • Out reach programme duration is 10 days; each day 4 hours.
  • Shift I students will attend the programme after their college hours. Shift II students will attend their out reach programme in their morning hours.